Learn About the Advanced Technology of GP Contact Lenses

Bifocal and multifocal GP options.
Large diameter scleral lenses are great for hard-to-fit eyes and dry eye syndrome.
Astigmatism? GPs are your best choice.
GP lenses are ideal for teens.
GPs for orthokeratology and corneal reshaping.

Eyeglasses vs. Contact Lenses

Wearing glasses? You're missing out on many benefits of contact lenses. Look, see and perform your best with contact lenses!
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GPs: The Choice for Keratoconus

Custom GP contact lenses are an excellent option for correcting the vision distortions produced by this progressive disease.
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How Do I Get This Contact Lens Onto My Eye?

Learn about proper GP contact lens care and handling.
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Monovision: An Option Worth Considering?

It has limitations, but monovision may help the limited number of people who can't be satisfied with multifocal contacts.
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[Page updated November 2013]

Should Kids Wear Contact Lenses?

Studies show that some young children are actually better wearers.
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What Do GP Contact Lenses Cost?

GPs are a better value than soft contact lenses when you examine overall expenses over time.
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Can GP Lenses Control Myopia in Children?

New research is leading many eye doctors to believe that some GP contacts may reduce the progression of childhood myopia.
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What Does My Prescription Mean?

It might seem like a foreign language, but all the words and symbols on a contact lens Rx are actually pretty easy to understand.
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