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Learn About the Advanced Technology of GP Contact Lenses

Bifocal and multifocal GP options.
Large diameter scleral lenses are great for hard-to-fit eyes and dry eye syndrome.
Astigmatism? GPs are your best choice.
GP lenses are ideal for teens.
GPs for orthokeratology and corneal reshaping.

Eyeglasses vs. Contact Lenses »

Wearing glasses? You're missing out on many benefits of custom contact lenses. Look and see your best with contact lenses!

GPs: The Choice for Keratoconus »

GP custom contact lenses are an excellent option for correcting the vision distortions produced by this progressive disease.

How Do I Get This Lens Onto My Eye? »

Learn about proper GP custom contact lens care and handling.

Monovision: An Option Worth Considering? »

It has limitations, but monovision may help the limited number of people who can't be satisfied with multifocal contacts.

Myopia Brochure References »

Visit this page to view references for the brochure Myopia Management, which you may have received from your eye care practitioner.

[Page updated April 2020]

Should Kids Wear Contact Lenses? »

Studies show that some young children are actually better wearers.

What Do GP Contact Lenses Cost? »

GPs are a better value than soft contact lenses when you examine overall expenses over time.

Can GP Lenses Control Myopia in Children? »

New research shows that GP contacts used for orthokeratology can reduce the progression of childhood myopia.

What Does My Prescription Mean? »

It might seem like a foreign language, but all the words and symbols on a custom contact lens Rx are actually easy to understand.